Moosbeerensaft-Konzentrat, 330 ml


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Moosbeerensaft-Konzentrat, 330 ml

Moosbeerensaft-Konzentrat, 330 ml

Cranberries (Vaccinium oxycoccus) are known in the medical world for its many nutritional health benefits. Due to the strong antioxidant phytochemicals, the antioxidant vitamins are amplified in their protective function. This is also a promotion of the efficiency of the Immundsystems expected. Special positive nutrition effects are described in terms of the urinary tract.

Collected from the wild and in organic quality
330 ml of syrup for a mixing ratio of 1:20, enough for up to 8 liters of beverage! Please consider this when comparing with cranberry syrup!

Cranberry juice concentrate is ausgezeichtnet for making mixed drinks.
Recommended order quantity: 6 bottles for a diet application of 8-10 weeks.

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